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1. Forex Price Action Trading Strategies. These are Forex trading systems that are based on price action. Either they can be pure price action trading, which means they only rely on candlesticks and (or) chart patterns or a combination of other Forex indicators with price action.

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Identify Most Profitable Entry and Exit Settings For The Indicator And Instrument Of Your Choice. Use The Power Of AI To Build Winning Forex Trading Strategies. This Tool Is Helpful For Both Experienced And Forex Trading Beginners.

Define Strategy Template by providing the names and details of indicators you wish to work with. Run the Strategy Calibrator and watch the Buy and Sell settings evolve to most profitable levels. Our Strategy Generator is infused with innumerable market patterns and behaviors.

Designed by AI experts, its highly intuitive stimulus generates rich and stable trading strategies in a matter of minutes. Thorough Market wisdom is the fulcrum of any profitable trading strategy. Understanding tricky market behaviors and using corresponding indicators comes only after years of practice and mentoring. Why reinvent the wheel? Be smarter and invest in the Locus Strategy Calibrator now! Locus Strategy Calibrator comes equipped with the super-rich array of indicators that are available on any popular trading platform.

You have full freedom to choose the indicators that you want to include in the process of building a winning strategy. Our AI algorithm is skilled enough to work with all the popular technical indicators. With the flexibility to choose a wide range of indicators, you definitely have unlimited possibilities of generating a strategy that can turn your trading portfolio into a profitable one.

You can also steer the AI to your choice of indicators, usage rules for indicators, input parameters range and so on. Are you the trader who is inclined to specific indicators? We designed the Co-pilot feature keeping you in mind since markets react differently to each indicator in distinct phases of trends and consolidations.

Locus Strategy Calibrator offers an Inbuilt Strategy Definition window whereby you can construct a skeleton of your desired strategy using a super intuitive script. Creating this script is as simple as ABC.

Are you ready for the AI ride? Locus Strategy Calibrator will take you places! You have full transparency to measure the success of the strategy generated by our AI algorithm.

The Locus Strategy Calibrator comes equipped with dynamic and reliable measures for forex trading strategies. Coupled with accurate and thorough Backtesting, the user interface keeps flashing the screen with the evaluated values of the strategy built by the AI algorithm. Few of the critical values include: Total Number of Trades. Number of Winning Trades. Number of Losing Trades. God bless you Nail Thanks Nial for providing these charts now I under Dear Nial, I am a novice forex trader from India I will say a big WOW to this.

Thanks so much Nial Im also intrested to You don't need to make 10R in a month. Great read as usual. One big big ques Hi Nial, Thank you for this lesson. Thank Sir for sharing this information. Thank you for the great insight A very great article but all in all lets protect t I am learning this one at a time as a newbie Mukul on Price Action Trading Patterns: It's really nice Sir!!

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