For further media information: It would never have occurred to an ancient Egyptian to think of the supernatural as a monad—a unitary, intellectually superior emanation. The Commission, which comprises Mr. The first thing we do is to define the particular requirements with you after which we implement them in full.

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Women and children often witnessed these killings before being forcibly transferred to locations in Iraq, and thereafter to Syria, where the majority of captives remain. Thousands of women and girls, some as young as nine, have been sold in slave markets, or souk sabaya , in the Syrian governorates of Raqqah, Aleppo, Homs, Hasakah and Dayr Az- Zawr.

ISIS and its fighters hold them both in sexual slavery and in slavery, the report says, with Yazidi women and girls being constantly sold, gifted and willed between fighters. Treated as chattel, many Yazidi women and girls are forced to perform household tasks, and are denied adequate food and water by their fighter-owners. The Commission also heard accounts of how some Yazidi women and girls committed suicide to escape the cruel torment.

Young children bought and held with their mothers are beaten by their ISIS-owners, and subjected to the same poor living conditions as their mothers, the report states. They are often aware of the abuse that their mothers are suffering. The Commission repeated its call for the Security Council to refer urgently the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court, or to establish an ad hoc tribunal to prosecute the myriad of violations of international law committed during the non-international armed conflict.

The Commission further noted that, with no path to international criminal justice available, it is likely that the first such prosecution of ISIS crimes against the Yazidis will take place in a domestic jurisdiction.

It is essential, the Commission stated, that States enact laws against genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The Commission urged international recognition of the genocide, and stated that more must be done to assure the protection of this religious minority in the Middle East, and the funding of care, including psycho-social and financial support, for victims of this genocide.

Redford is professor of classics and ancient Mediterranean studies and history at Penn State. Egypt was an important neighboring nation of Israel and it is frequently mentioned in the Bible, where it is presented in both positive and negative terms.

Knowing something about ancient Near Eastern history and culture will deepen the historical understanding of the documents that compose the Hebrew Bible. An Egyptian archaeological site built by Akhenaten and notable for its cache of ancient diplomatic letters.

Hebrew is regarded as the spoken language of ancient Israel but is largely replaced by Aramaic in the Persian period. A collection of first-century Jewish and early Christian writings that, along with the Old Testament, makes up the Christian Bible. Of or relating to a composite picture of a person or group's location within society and class structures. The blending of multiple religious traditions into one hybrid expression, faith, or practice.

An alternate spelling for "tel" meaning a mound or hill-shaped site containing several occupational layers one on top of the other over milennia. Places Home Monotheism of Akhenaten. Egypt Egypt was an important neighboring nation of Israel and it is frequently mentioned in the Bible, where it is presented in both positive and negative terms. Egypt Egypt looms large in the biblical world--find out how and why with this collection of content.

Related Publications Aspects of Monotheism: How God is One. Related Links Monotheism of Akhenaten. A religious system characterized by belief in the existence of a single deity.

The Egyptian sun god, who was particularly venerated by the monotheist Pharaoh Akhenaten. The supreme male divinity of Mesopotamia and Canaan. Characteristic of a deity a god or goddess.

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