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The GBP continues to benefit from a squeeze in short positioning as UK data has not showed as much of a post-Brexit slowdown as some feared.


BNP Paribas has been slapped with a $m fine by New York’s state banking regulator, which found a long pattern of “nearly unfettered misconduct” in the bank’s foreign exchange trading.

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Climate Change Information Request. Carbon Disclosure Project - Facebook Share with your friends. Share this page on the first Chinese social network. Indeed, we think the rates markets may even be overpricing scope for the Bank of Japan to push cash rates lower, with the Bank of Japan more likely to focus on adjustments to its asset purchase program than rates policy at the September meeting.

Our main disagreements with market pricing as we head into the final months of the year relate to pricing for the Fed and Bank of England, with the former still likely to hike rates, in our view, and the latter expected to cut rates further. Rates markets have been persistently unwilling to increase pricing for Fed hikes since June, despite a fairly steady stream of hawkish comments from officials and strong labour market data.

Our economics team continues to expect a rate hike in September, implying an adjustment higher in Fed pricing is likely in the weeks ahead.

The Bank of England has had a run of upside surprises on key releases for August, and, as a result, the markets have scaled back expectations for further easing.

Our economists expect data to be less robust going forward and still believes as its base-case scenario that the Bank is likely to deliver a further 15bp of rate cuts in November. Market positioning has adjusted to reflect the shift in rate hike expectations for the BOE and the Fed, with cable short positioning recovering sharply from an extreme short position in July to only a modestly short position now.

The short covering process could have further to run in the near term, but the lightening of positions should ultimately create opportunities for shorts. Our view that Bank of Japan BOJ policy easing will likely fall short of expectations might suggest opportunities to go long yen in the months ahead. However, our position metrics suggest that, despite rate markets pricing additional BOJ action, currency market participants have actually been positioned long yen, apparently sceptical that further BOJ easing would succeed in weakening the currency.

You can get BNP Paribas Forex Weekly Strategy research reports as well as many other analytics from tier 1 institutions via our subscription. Our economists still expect a Federal Reserve hike in September. We remain broadly bullish on the USD. The market has interpreted recent Bank of Japan comments as reducing the likelihood of 21 September easing.

G10 central banks at rest? Markets are pricing very little from G10 central banks for the final four months of the year. Morgan Stanley FX Pulse. As close to the market as you can get Subscribe now or Get a free trial.