Tips for Forex Traders

Eur Usd is probably the most well known currency pair in the world. Being so high profile it attracts alot of attention. Smart Money knows that this is a gold mine for them and if they can do their magic their profits will be huge.

However, prices are under the ideal setup for a 3-to-1 risk-reward ratio at the time of this writing. Several days to several weeks.

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Best Time to Day Trade the EUR/USD Forex Pair Best hours of the day to day trade the EUR/USD. Share Flip Pin Email Ideally, though, day trade the EUR/USD between and GMT. It will maximize efficiency. 5 Tips to Find the Right Forex Broker.

Nobody can predict tomorrow. These very market conditions may even prevent a stop order from being executed exactly where you place it. Please consult with your broker on their written policies and details of how they execute stop orders.

Tip 3 - Another one of our great forex tips is to know the currency pairs you trade. Most traders trade one or two pairs. Since we trade 28 pairs there is a bit of a learning process, but the profits are higher with more pairs. Some currency pairs move fairly slow and some move extremely fast. Tip 4 - After you enter a trade you can use these guidelines and forex tips for initial stop order placement. Initial stops for slower moving pairs should be in the range of pips.

Just verify where the pair was trading as it was consolidating in the last few hours before the current movement started using a conventional bar chart found on most brokerage platforms. Initial stops for buys should be placed immediately below the recent lows as the pair was consolidating for the last few hours of trading prior to the upward movement starting. Initial stops for sells should be placed immediately above the recent highs as the pair was consolidating for the last few hours of trading prior to the beginning of the movement to the downside.

For more volatile currency pairs you can add pips to your initial stop, initial stops on these pairs would be pips. These are excellent guidelines for new traders but more experienced traders will modify these initial stop guidelines as they develop some experience. Tip 5 - All forex tips related to money management are useful. The higher the money management ratio, the better. It's going to happen. Just keep them small and manageable and with the proper ratio of wins and losses and the proper money management ratio and you will be fine.

You will get stopped out at some point, its a fact of life and part of trading. Some spot forex trades that we point in our trading plans have money management ratios of We trade the forex using swing to position style and only take shorter term trades when the forex market conditions dictate this. This is one of our most valuable forex tips. Tip 6 - As part of most ForexEarlyWarning trading plans we provide you with a price alarm point at a critical area of support and resistance on the currency pairs we track.

Generally speaking this is the first level of support or resistance. The reason for this is that we want to intercept the price movements but spend less time in front of the computer. Please make sure you have access to price alarms prior to becoming one of our clients. Desktop and wireless price alarms for up to 28 pairs are available at no cost on almost all spot forex trading platforms, even demo accounts.

You can set up our free trend indicators on metatrader and desktop price alarms are built into the platform. Tip 7 - Many forex traders try to do too much in their life and they lose a lot of sleep and it sometimes winds up costing them their health.

Its not worth it to trade under these circumstances. Consider getting a trading partner and opening up a joint account with them.

Make sure your trading partner likes trend trading also and that you both think alike. You can meet online in a chat room or Skype daily and discuss trades.

Make the forex a great part of your life and keep a good balance. The forex should never be a chore. Tip 8 - Entry management is one of the pillars of forex trading. All clients have access to this entry management tool as part of their subscription.

These entry management guidelines are for new traders, veterans may modify these guidelines somewhat. Below are three specific methods for managing entries.

Check the trend indicators to see if you are early in the move and do not have layers and clusters of resistance or support nearby. Partial Limit Orders and Alarms - After you enter a trade another trade management method involves the use of price alarms combined with limit orders.

If the alarm hits you can move your stop to break even on the remaining two mini lots and even if the pair reverses you walk away with a profit. For more detailed trade entry verification and forex money management techniques see our 35 lesson package. This is generally when the pairs end their moves and start to consolidate.

Our general philosophy is to get your stops to break even then let the trend do the work. On any strong positive trades close out half of your lots and let the rest ride with the trend, another general rule of thumb. Scaling out lots is one of our most logical forex tips, and a great scenario for any profitable trade. Tip 10 - At ForexEarlyWarning we write out our currency trading plans and provide trade entry management plan guidance as well. Trading plans have been employed successfully in stock and commodities trading and they work well for the spot forex.

We determine pockets of strength and weakness using a parallel and inverse analysis of individual currency groupings. This is completely absent from almost all trading plan and trade alert services currently available to forex traders.

Then we evaluate support and resistance for the pairs we are planning for to determine specific price alarm placement points as well as potential for pips. To assist with understanding this process check this article about multiple time frame analysis. Tip 11 - New traders to the spot forex can learn to trade with the less volatile currency pairs see Tip 3 and then move to the more volatile pairs later. Get your feet wet first. Experienced stock and option traders generally know how to handle the volatility better but there is still a learning period.

You can start off by only paper trading these volatile pairs, then graduate to microlot trading, then add them to your real money trading when your comfort level goes up. Each individual must decide when the time is right. If you continue to paper trade the most volatile pairs you will get the picture. Another one of our most valuable forex tips. The daily rollover interest, or swap, is paid into your accounts or removed daily based on the spot forex positions you are holding.

When you paper trade see how the interest accumulates or is debited daily from your account. On certain pairs extra interest income can be accumulated over time, this is called a carry trade. Tip 13 - There are times in your life when you should not be trading. When you are sick, distracted, have family issues, computer issues, or when you are dead tired. Following the plan and controlling your emotions is the harder part and is risk management.

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