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Sheet will be updated automatically every 1 minute.

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Sentiment has so far remained weak due to weak dollar-rupee , high crude oil prices and liquidity concerns. The rupee has been sliding against the dollar in recent months. While this has caused concern in many quarters, it opens up greater possibilities for non-resident Indians NRIs. Heavy month-end dollar demand from importers also weighed on the forex front.

Besides, caution prevailed ahead of RBI policy meeting next week. The comments came at a time when the Sri Lankan rupee plunged to its worst level vis-a-vis the US dollar. The rupee has collapsed from to against the US dollar so far this year. After a positive opening Indian rupee erased all its morning gains and trading marginally lower at It opened higher by 10 paise at The Indian rupee erased all its morning gains and trading flat at around It slipped more than 30 paise intraday from day's high of On Wednesday, the rupee ended.

Besides that as foreign investors pull money back to US dollar denominated assets, it causes outflows from assets in emerging markets, causing pressure on EM currencies.

Sitara has both puts and calls ready. Anytime usdinr strong appreciation will be seen avg one lot at higher levels pl hokd with comex sl surely it will fall. Reproduction of news articles, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form or medium without express writtern permission of moneycontrol.

Indian rupee recovers from record low of Rupee not breaking, it's broken, says Rahul Gandhi Source: Practically 1 minute is the best TF for intraday, but most of the people could not find it suitable due to high risk associated with it. So they switch to 5 minutes. I would suggest you to start with 5 minutes for Intraday and 30 minutes for Swing.

Sir it is great to watch this excel sheet strategy for nfo stocks. Pl tell me is there any possibility to plot these technic in amibroker and by the by it can be linked to robo system and work will be done automatically. Building robotic system for automated trade is possible for those trading platform which can be linked to Excel Sheet.

It will be independent of Amibroker and lightning fast with no delay. But when that link is opened that shows only nse stocks. A backtest will reveal a lot of stocks which hit the stop open price during the day after the first minutes.

Hi Rajen, Yes,you are correct. A quick backtest would reveal that number of losses is way higher than number of profits. However, it all depends on your money management. A good risk-reward ratio would keep you profitable in the long term. And this strategy ensures a good risk-reward ratio if you maintain SL strictly. We are also working on an AFL to further optimize this system. Thanks for your suggestions! Sir in an afl how to give a command for profit booking. But the interface between Amibroker and your robo system should understand this function.

Please contact your robo system provider for details. Hi Kamal, I hope you are talking about Amibroker backtesting. To backtest on all your favourite stocks you first have to create a watchlist and add all those stocks. Then in the analysis window you would get an option to select that watchlist. I want use this exel file for other stock…how can i do.. Plz explain step by step.

Hi Amirpal, Right now this sheet is automated for just Nifty50 stocks. You would need to manually enter data for other scrips. Hello Sir, Thank you for correcting it. Hi Nasrudeen, For now, this excel sheet is automated for just Nifty 50 stocks. Hi sir , I gon througw all the post and its wonderful experience to read about yours excellent work. Hi Optimus, Thank you! Hi Atul, We have shared many trading setups for Intraday and positional in the past. Please refer the below link: Hi Chandrasekaran, Please install Microsoft Office in your system.

Then you can easily access this Excel sheet. Check for the below strategy apart from this one: Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable strategies on excel set up,looking forward for options trading system. Hi Umesh, Thank you! Right now we are developing strategies only for Futures and Spot, will soon start Options section in our website. Let me know if you have anything specific in mind. Hello Sir, Firstly thanks for your nice creation.

I am from Bangladesh. Please guid me to for the way of use it. Hi Ruhul, Thanks for your kind words. I am not sure if it is possible to get live data from Dhaka Stock Exchange. Please send me the URL of its website. I will try to look into it. Please send me modified excel sheet to: Thank you for helping us. Dear Admin, This is an amazing formula excel.

You are the master. I was searching something gr8 tool from months and finally got it from you. If you could have also added target levels in excel that would have been wonderful for safe trader like us Happyzz helping!!!! Target levels can be based on your risk appetite. Try doing profit slicing for two different target levels. Dear admin, Good job done by you. It would be great if you develop excel sheet for stock futures.

Hello Bhai, Thanks a lot for this! Can you please share a sheet with other stocks apart from nifty50, for ex: Please check the below link for all FNO stocks: Dear Admin, Nice to see the excellent excel sheet developed for the intraday trading for Nifty stocks.

Would like to request you to share the excel sheet for all future scripts. Please see the below link for future scrips: And i would also want to tell that excel sheet is getting downloaded but the data is not getting automatically updated therefor i have even checked the firewall or isp both are not blocking any website. Please let me know why is this happening and at last i am really very thankful for your hardwork may god give you grace and prosperity.

We can add the requested stocks in the Live Excel sheet. Please feel free to post the stock names in Comments. Can you please try downoading the Excel sheet in some other machine to figure out if there is any problem in your Excel installation.

Please find the detailed backtest report and AFL code in the below link: Hi, After a long search i found this website and it is amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you have done in creating these sheets. I have one request only. Is it possible to make a sheet for nifty 50 stocks with only todays open price, todays high, todays low, previous days high and previous days low refreshing every one minute. This would be a big help. Yes we can,i am using it now, i have taken service from Truedata for live streaming of quotes and my excel shows me all nifty 50 data gives me buy or sell signal using the strategy i have finalized.

Consider using the below link for accurate data: Hi, downloaded excel file, but frequently receiving following error message: Can you check from your web browser if you are able to open this link: Awesome tool brother I m searching like this tool,got it finally can I add some more stocks here if possible tell me how? Great work admin keep it up i am getting same problem the below link not opening please get the solution for same waiting for your guidance http: The excel file available to download is only having Nifty 50 stock list.

Also unable to pull data from the NSE website, any help would be really appreciated. Great sheets btw, thanks a lot. I am getting the error as unable to open the nseindia website and Cannot download the information you requested when try to open the downloaded excelsheet. Hi guys, I was reviewing the trading rules and have a question.

So there is no need to wait till EOD. Oh, ok, so the L is only the L of the first half hour, and then you buy at whatever price is available after that, thank you! Dear Sir, Many thanks for you to develop a website like this. My doubt is about the entry point. Many thanks for the update. Could you please explain about how i can use this method in commodity trading? Sir, Very useful stuff for a trader.

I found data is updating as per the equity market. My query is that is this strategy works in futures also? Could you please explain about how can I use this method in commodity trading? The method remains the same for equity or commodity, but I fear we do not have any ready-made excel sheet for commodities yet. But still perform paper trading for few days before going live with this.

Also kindly add few more popular stacks which trades with high volume apart from Nifty stocks. I downloaded excel sheet. It did not ask me Step 2: It will throw few warnings. Press Ok for all. I downloaded at ACC price being shown is Rs. Present price on NSE is Check out this link for more accurate signals: What can I do? Can you please tell me how to trade using it? Stop loss I understood. What changes do I need to make in Cell E1 of your excel?

It is showing very old price of ACC scrip. Please make it up to date. Or stop writing here down load- Intraday trading system. Check out the more accurate version of this system at the below link.

It been stated at the article as well http: But what I am trying to say. You are directing here to one link. There the data is incorrect. So edit here in post. Or change the link to http: We understand your concern. And still there are people who are more comfortable using downloaded excel sheet rather than google sheets.

We really appreciate your suggestion and review. Please read the instruction and other comments carefully to understand it better. The file could not be accessed.

Try one of the following. Make sure the specified folder exists. Make sure the folder that contain the file is not read only. Make sure the file name does not contain any of the following characters: Could you get me the excel sheet for this, I tried downloading the excel sheet from the link in this page but values arent getting updated.

Yes, that is a known issue. You can use below excel hosted in Google for other scrips: That will be very kind of you, Regards. Hi I noticed that it keep on changing no. The number of positions change when the signals are no longer valid.

The way excel is made I am liking it. Please make an excel sheet of the same list scanning 15 min opening range breakout, and please make in Microsoft Excel format online sheets are not working perfectly for me.

HI can we add this excel to Trade tiger Snap to excel trading system to push orders automatically? Its an excellent excel sheet. I checked just now and the excel sheet is working fine at my end. Can you please send the screenshot to support tradingtuitions.

Can you please check your internet connection and also if Macros are enabled in your Excel. Its working perfectly fine at my end. Dear Sir, What a wonderful strategy to share, really have a fan of your work. I request you to please allow me to access this excel sheet so that i can update it automatically every day. Please advice to enable the live excel sheet.

Hi, I have few doubts in this strategy mainly regarding the entry point and profit calculation. In the steps you have told to enter the market at 9. Your profit loss calculation was done considering the price level mentioned in the excel,but we may not get those prices 9. Am i doing the correct way or consfused. Hi, The data is free from nse. The data must be delayed by 15 mins?

So how can then we use the excel for live trading? Can you please express it in the quantitative way? What in your opinion is the MIN volume per day, that we can classify it as a liquid stock and use this technique? For NSE, anything greater than is considered as high volume for cash segment http: