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Hier sind kurze Beschreibungen und Illustrationen der grundlegendsten Strategien. I will fix the bug described here.

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Simply type a number into the Account Amount field see attached screenshot , overwriting the E there. However, this is assumed to be in the same currency denomination as your account balance. Symbol field merely changes the displayed symbol to , , etc, whatever you wish, so that all of the calculations etc show as instead of , for example. Again, its assumed to be the same denomination as your account, i.

Ill definitely think about incorporating a currency conversion facility in a later release. Member 10 Posts I have to say that this was just the kind of visual trade management tool I was looking for. Thanks so much and I am grateful that brilliant traders like you are here in this world sharing their wisdom with the less fortunate traders like myself I find this piece of software very appealing because of its visual nature and the interface is nothing like I have ever used before, although it might look a bit difficult to understand at first but eventually this can and should be a traders 1st tool next to the trading platform.

I know this software is for managing orders but I have a couple of ideas that would be soooo helpful with the trade management, if you would be kind enough to consider implementing them in the future: An option to hide the actual TP and SL represented by the lines from the broker. This means that the software has to internally manage the trade and not send trade parameters to the broker.

A way to partially close the trade at several TP levels with auto lot management at each level. All Pending orders are stored internally and executed as market order when the price reaches those levels thus hiding the pending orders from the broker.

This is helpful because most fixed spread brokers have rules for pending orders to be placed many pips away from current market price which is a bit annoying if I want to scale into a trade or get in early. These few modification will help hide the trading activities from the broker and everything will be managed internally by the software. Please tell me what you think and if this is even possible.

If these can be integrated, this tool can be so much discrete and powerful. Anyways, currently what this software provides is a must for every trader who wants to get their trades managed in a systematic and disciplined way.

I am definitely looking forward to buy this. Many thanks for your contributions to the forex industry and keep up the great work. PS - I am using your other indicators and it helps me greatly with my trade analysis everyday, especially the Recent SR indicator.

God bless you for your generosity. Many, many thanks for your comments. Apart from a few PMs, feedback has been rare, hence yours is even more greatly welcomed. Ive been working non-stop on version 2. It is now completed and tested, and Ill release it as soon as Ive revised the instruction manual and produced several new instructional videos hopefully this coming week.

The user interfaceoptions have been overhauled and greatly simplified. VO-Pro should now be more visually appealing, and have a much more interactive and intuitive feel to it.

Currently VO-Pros scope and purpose is to provide an automated and visual approach to MT4s create order, modify order, close order, and delete order functions. My next decision must be whether to extend it into a full trade management system multiple exit targets, trailing stoplosses, OCOs, etc that will monitor your trades for you, or possibly make the latter a completely separate product.

The trade management system will address the stealth ideas that youve described, i. I could continue to add feature upon feature, but at some point I need to formally release the product and hopefully generate some income to pay my bills.

I will be doing this with version 2. At this point my intention is to offer a lifetime of free upgrades to all customers loyal enough to purchase version 2, but then increase the price to subsequent first-time buyers as additional features get added in later versions. Hi David I follow this thread with great interest cos I and every MT4 trader deadly need program like this. Already get license on MYFX, but its slow my computer greatly.

I appreciate your effort to help traders like me and will buy your software as soon as it will be released TY. Version 2 will be posted some time later this week. Hopefully youll find it a big improvement over version 1. It is so much simpler to use. Obviously a lot of thought and work has gone into MYFX, but I prefer a more visual approach to trading. For me, charts - trends, candle shapes and sizes, supportresistance levels, etc - are all visual patterns. Why should I have to manually type in price values, select order types, or calculate position sizes, when the computer can potentially automate all of this Because of its design philosophy, VO-Pro uses minimal CPU resource.

There is no intensive polling after orders have been placed, because VO-Pro doesnt continuously monitor your trades in the way that MYFX does. However, you can still modify your exit points, as a trade unfolds, whenever you wish.

I think it needs to be far more simple, more handy to use. People are not programmers like you It would be very effective with these basic features.

Mulale, many thanks for your comments. Version 2, which should be ready by the weekend, will still contain all of the same features as Version 1, but is hopefully much easier to understand and use. I want to cater for both experienced traders and newcomers.

Different people have different approaches to trading. The basic premise behind VO-Pro is: I dont believe it can be made any simpler than that. That is how version 2 will operate. Anyway, VO-Pro also allows you to type a number, if you want to. VO-Pro allows you to scale out very easily, using multiple TP levels. It doesnt as yet have a trailing SL feature, but MT4 already does that, in any case. Thanks again for your comments. Please feel welcome to try Version 2. Comprehensive visual order management system for MT4 David - Opened my demo account on MB Trading and when trying to execute an order got this message.

Have a monitor chart minimized and the monitor running indication is present on that chart. John, I havent been able to reproduce this error. As you can see from my first screenshot, all of the trade parameters are exactly the same - entry, TP, SL at the same levels, same returnrisk , etc, same lot size 0.

The only difference is that price has fallen since your post, hence my trade is a sell limit instead of a sell stop. The only thing I can think of is that you check the MT4 Trade settings area - you can see how Ive set mine in the third screenshot.

Perhaps you have an invalid setting an expiry date in that area. The monitor has no bearing, in this case. You should be able to create a new order regardless of whether the monitor is running, or not. All I can suggest is that you try placing similar orders over the next few days, and see if we can establish some kind of pattern, as to what works, and what doesnt.

In the meantime, Im going to improve VO-Pros error handling to provide more information on the error message screen, showing exactly what parameters were sent from VO-Pro to MT4. Sorry I can be of more help.

Attached Images click to enlarge Anyway, the good news is that I will be including a Trade Manager in version 3. May I rudely suggest it be. I can see the potential of numerous more features for both VO-Pro and Trade Manager over time and the potential headache on managing the code.

I agree with ur note on stealth feature, will only work if everybody uses it as most traders will have stops in generally the same areas. Approach IBFX early they seem to be be willing to partner with developers and are very techy savy brokers. Actual Leverage Used - In these days of tight leverage it would be nice to show the true amt of leverage actually utilized in each trade.

Similar to ur RiskReward info. Would have to have that group feature similar to group RR for multiple positions. Ive answered your PM. There are good reasons to make it a separate module. There are also good reasons for allowing VO-Pros order selection process to be integrated into the Trade Manager. I havent started the Trade manager yet. I will need to give all of this some careful thought.

I will certainly approach them. As I said in my PM to you, I want to reach out to as many br0kers as possible. I dont know how to calculate it, beyond whats written here found using Google. It seems to suggest that the calc is different if youre trading XXXYYY and your acct is denominated in a currency other than YYY, but it doesnt explain how to modify the calc if this is the case.

Many thanks for your contribution. Got it up and running on demo. Placed an order just fine. When I click on orders there are no entries for the live order that is running. Is that normal How do I gert an order to show in the orders pane Also, is there a way to display at what price the SL and TP lines are right now the lines end at the far right of the chart but do not have a price shown on them.

The order line shows the execution price just fine. All in all very cool and a great tool for visualization of where orders are. To get the orders to show, you need to have the VO Monitor script attached to a chart, preferably a dummy chart that you dont use for anything else. When its running, you can see the Monitor running. There may be a number of reasons why the prices arent showing numbers also refer to the numbered areas in the attached screenshot: You have the Show RR data above lines box checked off.

You can toggle the display of the text above the lines onoff by checkingunchecking this box. The prices are somewhere off the left of the screen. The drag the VO Create New Order script onto your chart, and you should be able to see all of the prices etc. If all of the other data dollar value, percent, etc is showing, but not the price, make sure you have the Show price box checked on.

Attached Image click to enlarge I think I see what you are doing, and why it is causing a problem. You are leaving VO-Pros lines on the chart, like you might do with an EA, waiting until the price hits them Thats not the way its designed to work. VO-Pro is geared for placing orders immediately. They can be pending buy limit, sell stop, etc or market orders but this is what you should do, in this sequence: Set the VO-Pro parameters however your needs dictate 2.

Move the lines to your desired entry SL TP locations 4. Adjust the Trade Risk if necessary 5. It should appear in the terminal area. Only then should you look at placing another order on a different chart different pair or timeframe. In other words, VO-Pros lines should only exist on one chart at any one time, in just the same way as with MT4, where you complete the placement of an order before you switch pairs or timeframes.

In MT4 youd normally select the New Order function. VO-Pro is simply a visual approach to doing exactly the same thing: I guess youve watched the videos in the links in post 1 They explain how to place a pending order, market order, etc in step by step fashion. Im not the worlds greatest presenter LOL , but the video sequences should be easy enough to follow. Each video is only minutes long, and you can pause, or skip forward or backward to replay specific points, if you need to.

Keep posting and asking questions, if you need to. They may also help others who are going through similar thought processes to yours.

Joined Oct Status: Member Posts Have tried everything you have suggested and then some. Deleted everything, reloaded again. I think the main issue is that at the very start of the process you describe my version of XP Pro does not have an extract option. So initially I used winzip to manually extract the files to the locations you provided. This did not work. Since your last post I removed everything and tried to drag and drop the file as Windows help suggests for a compressed folder.

I will try one more time - deleting everything and then reinstalling via winzip extraction. I even deleted winzip in hopes that without it the XP Pro extraction method dwould appear. Before I do that any further suggestions Thanks for your patience. Thank you very match for good job My only wish is I like to see, those numbers that appears on lines, after order is executed. I dont know if its possible. Thank you You can use the VO Modify Orders facility to review an order, or orders, that youve just created.

Drag this script on to the chart, and the lines and RR text will appear in the same places as they were just before you created the order.

If you want to selectively reviewmodify only some of the orders for a given chart, click the ORDERS button first, and then check ON the orders you want to reviewmodify in the Orders List window. Then drag the VO Modify Orders script onto the chart. Select all of these orders. VO-Pro, along with any indicators or EAs that Ive contributed to this thread will probably no longer work in the latest MT4 build that is if I understand correctly due to be rolled out on Feb 3.

If you want to ensure that this software continues to work correctly, do NOT upgrade your MT4 beyond the current build I dont know how to re-code it to make it run correctly in the new look MT4, and Ive no desire to re-educate myself to learn the new programming language that MetaQuotes is forcing upon everybody.

VO-Pro is no longer available. There have been too many problems reported when running it on Windows 7 and VPSs. However, I will continue to support existing clients. Please feel welcome to post your questions in this thread, or messagee-mail me through my profile page. VO-Pro may behave erratically on the more recent MT4 builds. Important info about Windows 8 here please read. However, I have reinstated the notes that were previously in post 1 here, in case they are helpful to existing users: Ive decided to remove the news indicator from the public domain.

I no longer have the time or motivation to continue supporting the product. The QampA overhead has become too time-consuming, especially for a free product. I apologize, but I must devote time to projects that have to most potential to provide me with the income needed to pay my bills.

Both VO-Pro sales numbers, and the rating for this thread, continue to plummet. I can only conclude that the more features that are added to VO-Pro, the more confusing people have found it, and hence the less popular it has become. I will fix the bug described here.

Just a quick comment as I can not emailPM you. You may want to look at having an input for account balance stored elsewhere. The only calculates based on what is at my broker but I only keep 10 of my entire balance at my broker and the remainder is kept at my bank.

This is for safetysecurity reasons in case of their bankruptcy. It is a fairly simple mod but may end up in a lot of work depending on how your system is set up. I want it to use 1 risk and it calculates it based on CAD and the relevant cross currency for the pair I am trading.

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