Top 20 Legit Forex Tweeps to Follow on Twitter

May 19,  · Top 50 Forex Twitter Accounts Every decent Forex Trader must have a twitter account because it provides immediate news, analysis, charts and many interesting articles. In order to help you to find the right accounts to follow, here is the list of my 50 favorite twitter The Trader FX.

Tweets provide immediate news, quick analysis, recommendations about interesting articles, a place to showcase charts and a place to interact with fellows in the world of forex. His musing about market sentiment are very interesting. Therefore long USDJPY has looked attractive and right now any long positions are being rewarded as we break out strongly above recent highs and make what is in fact a new multi-year high.

12 Traders To Follow on Twitter in 2017

Forex trading is fast, very fast, and Twitter fits like a glove to any forex trader's hand. There's lots of quick and useful information coming in the.

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