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Die wunderschöne Kraxelei endet an der Fiderepasshütte 2. Von dort wandert man wieder zurück ins Wildental und nach Schwendle. Do you know anything about Alcoa Leaf Relief gutter guards? Do you have any experience and opinion on Rhino Guard? You're telling me that Karen at MasterShield won't return your calls??? I'll reach out to her with your email address.

Love the videos and the effort you put in to help consumers make educated decisions. One style of gutter guard i haven't seen you discuss are the metal panel types. I've had GutterGuardian installed on my home for 2 years now and its been truly maintenance free. I live in the Southeast, it was a little pricey but since its actually working, its totally worth the investment in my opinion. Would love to hear your thoughts.

You bought a "reverse curve" gutter guard. It's going to FAIL. These designs allow small pieces of debris into the gutter. They accumulate and transform into MUCK in the gutter. Since the gutter guard is screwed to the gutter, you can't easily squirt out the muck.

This is why the micro mesh gutter guards are the only ones that work. They only allow water into the gutter. Hello, Awesome article and great feedback and customer responses. I am currently re-doing my gutters and want to put master shield gutter guards.

My roof is a mansard roof vertical roof and so I am questioning if an angle of installation is even possible on this type of roof. If it isn't then is it worth the investment to install will little to no slop or should I just clean them out every year. Call MasterShield and ask for Karen. She'll tell you the best way to install them on a mansard roof. I do have some skepticism. While it looks like your choice of Masterguard does an excellent job of rebuffing debris, I wonder about its performance against rain.

As we all know--and all 4-year-olds playing in the tub know! My intuition and inner 4-year-old says there is a good chance that a fine scree like that will rebuff real torrential rain. And we all know that just one torrential downpour can be a big problem. Can you discuss the performance of Masterguard during a deluge? Better yet, would you be willing to drench your roof and film it for us? I can understand your skepticism.

I had it as well. The inventor thought about all of this and it's actually part of his patent. The surface tension of the water combined with gravity work together. I've witnessed this happening standing on a step ladder on my own deck as a storm dumped vast amounts of rain on my roof. The sheets of water flowing down my roof were sucked through the mesh. It was astonishing to watch. I was so unhappy with the gutter guards and contacted the regional office in Seattle.

They sent a crew down from Seattle and replaced it all at no cost to me. There is a great improvement since being installed, hopefully I will be pleased when the maple leaves and seedlings shed. If they have to be cleaned, I was told to contact the dealer in Portland which is now under a different owner and workers to come out and clean it at no cost to me. MasterShield stands behind their guarantee. I wonder if there is any chance that the side of the building you installed on could influence the test, e.

Any further research on that? Thanks for your good work. Hi, Live in Austin, TX. Can't afford to have them cleaned as often as they need, which is always! Currently have traditional wire mesh screens. We are considering just removing the gutters completely, which I know has its own drawbacks, but would prob be better than having maintenance that is not done as often as needs to be.

Tim, I live in Southeast Michigan and am thinking about getting some kind of gutter guard. I turned 70 last year, and when it comes to climbing up on the roof to clean out gutters, well, as B. King used to sing, "the thrill is gone. Can you tell me if there are Mastershield companies or installers in my area, and if you still think that kind of technology - fine mesh at the roof angle - is still the state of the art.

There are lots of moving parts to your request and at least one I'm not willing to put in print form here at my website. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a gutter guard, you should do one of my phone consults.

The call is FREE if you feel you get nothing from it. I am having all sorts of Gutter Clogging problems. I have large maple trees that drop seedlings in the spring and then Helicopters all the rest of the year. They are constantly clogging my gutters. I am considering putting in overside gutters and then a gutter guard system. I have watched your videos and I know which product you suggest however I have also seen your Amazon link to a DIY solution.

My question is between the two products would you suggest the DIY route or spend the additional money i haven't gotten a quote yet for the "real" deal? Tim, I have spent a lot of time looking for which gutter guard you found to be the best Holy Grail Is the top gutter guard MasterShield??? I called MasterShield, and they do not have a local provider anywhere near me.

But, I could order directly, but I would have to find someone to install the guards. I have Mastershield at my home. I installed it myself. I'd order their DIY product and have a local roofer install it. Please mention my name when you call Mastershield. Why do these companies make buying their product so difficult?

I have to call and name drop Tim Carter to get a product that has been tested? The dealers buy and buy and buy. Selling direct to a homeowner is a one-off transaction. I feel the companies are making a HUGE mistake and they should sell direct. Tim, Love your advice but please leave politics out of it. You failed to note that the market tripled during the Obama Admin. I don't see above at all where I talked about politics.

I was just giving up-to-date information to support my calculations. I do know that you need to brush up on your math and make sure you do apples to apples comparisons though! When President Obama entered the office, the Dow was about 7. Days before the Presidential election, the Dow was just over 18, While Obama was in office the Dow rose about 10, points. It took eight years for the Dow to go up that much.

It increased by a factor of 2. That's a huge difference my friend. The day after the Presidential election, the market jumped and climbed not because of anything Obama did, but because of renewed optimism about where the country was headed with Trump at the helm. The Internet is littered with story after story confirming that fact. It turns out those investing in the market continue to believe in Trump and are excited about all the things he's done.

The Dow closed today August 31, at 25, and it's only been 22 months since he was elected. The market has risen just under 8, points in that 22 months. If you want to make a side-by-side comparison of Obama and Trump, you'll need to wait until November 2, But if things keep going the direction they're headed now, the Dow could be at just under 50, in the eight years of the Trump legacy. I bought Gutterglove from Home Depot special order to put on the roof over my deck. I fully expect to have to brush off the debris as the roof is fairly flat.

In fact, they even came with a coupon code to get a free brush. They are micro mesh and seem to filter OK. I installed the micro-mesh gutter guard several years ago in the fall and was very pleased with it. Then came spring along with the pollen. I lived in east Tennessee with lots of pine trees. The pollen plugged the Stainless steel mesh and caused the water to run off the guard. I had to use a scrub brush to remove the pollen and allow the gutter guard to perform properly.

Just passing along another learning experience. I am looking for a system and wondered if you know anything about Leaf Filter. They use a micromesh filter at a 11 degree angle. Sign up to my newsletter to receive expert advice for your home! Complete the form below and each week you'll get:. Gutter guard test results showed clearly that the micromesh guards perform the best. Purchase the guards direct and have a handyman install them. If you install any gutter guard FLAT, it will fail. Debris will collect on top of it.

Did you read my column Gutter Guard Truth? CLICK the link in that column!!! Tim, Based on your recommendation, we had MasterSheild gutter guards installed on our house about 3 years ago feet at 3 different levels. Thank you, Gillian Crane. Hello, I live in Minnesota and would like to know how the gutterglove pro performs in climates that get a lot of snow.

You have to see it to believe it. Rest assured the water doesn't flood over the mesh. What do you attribute the source of the black stains? Sharon, This review is unbiased. If you think this is a biased review, then tell me what you think about the advice you get from: Would you rather I put an ad on this page that says: Thanks for the info.

Billy Bow Legs, Are you talking about the Consumer Reports magazine that failed, for over six years, to include synthetic-resin deck sealers in their annual deck stain study? You give this publication far too much credit and faith my friend. As for icicles, you'd have that with or without gutter guards. Read my past column about that!

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