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When he asked around, some executives believed the same way he does about the Duke frontcourt partners. On the offensive end, Carter has great touch inside, utilizing a hook shot with either hand.

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The Cavs have the eighth overall pick from which they can select the best possible talent who can make an impact on their team with or without James. Considered one of the deepest drafts in recent years, the Wine and Gold could presumably pick a franchise-type player despite not selecting from the top three picks. The next three picks are harder to determine. In fact, Doncic, depending on how scouts and general managers project his value to their team, may even land at the number six spot.

He is such a mystery as to where he will land despite everything we know about him from his play overseas. The same could be said about Bamba as well. If not, here are five draft options for the Cavaliers to choose from. Collin Sexton , Alabama — Point Guard. Collin Sexton is an explosive point guard with the speed and leaping ability to get his shot off against almost any defender.

Some have likened him to Russell Westbrook and Kemba Walker. If he has a career anywhere close to either of these two players, the Cavs would have had a successful NBA Draft for sure. The knock on Sexton is his ability to create for his teammates.

Sexton is aggressive and competitive, qualities that could make him a potential star right off the bat. Other than the top three picks in the draft, Mikal Bridges may be the readiest college player to play professional basketball and contribute immediately to whichever team drafts him.

The fact that he is a defensive demon with a 7-foot-2 wingspan only adds to his value. Most are stretch big men.

The only perimeter players are Otto Porter Jr. The old rule was that big men always rise in the draft because quality 7-footers are so hard to find. The league-wide move toward small ball has flipped that dynamic on its head. Most teams have more centers than they can use, and no one has enough wings.

If selected at the eighth spot in the NBA Draft, the Cavs receive a player who can be a starter immediately, either as a shooting guard or as a small forward. If James returns to the Cavs, he could supplant J. Smith as a starter on opening night or they could ease him in later in the season.

The Cavs are free to send him wherever they please. Trade Irving for future assets. Irving should fetch a hefty return. His trade value will be ever so slightly diminished by the knowledge that he wants out of Cleveland, but there should be enough interest in Irving that that will hardly matter. The Cavs could realistically get a young player on a rookie contract with All-Star potential plus at least one high first-round draft pick for Irving if they go this route.

The issue with Option 3 is that it would seemingly push James further toward the exit door. If you concede that James is gone, why not trade him. They could get ungodly sums in return — young stars, picks, etc. One possible impediment, though: Their options, therefore, would be limited, if not non-existent.

But this makes even less sense, because an Irving-led Cavs team would not be a title contender. So which of these options is the most feasible? Options 1, 2 and 3 are all feasible. The most feasible is probably Option 2. More from Yahoo Sports: Ball Don't Lie July 21, Trade Irving, try to win a title in The first Kyrie trade option is to flip him for pieces that can keep the Cavaliers in immediate contention for an NBA title.

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