Richard Croft (Survivor Timeline)

Sir Richard Croft, 6th Baronet (9 January – 13 February ) was an English physician to the British Royal Family and was the obstetrician to Princess Charlotte who became famous due to his role in

Richard Croft, president of R. This article about an American opera singer is a stub. At some point, Richard met Conrad Roth, a freelance treasure hunter.

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Richard Croft is an American opera singer who is often characterized as a lyric tenor or

However he gave her gifts from his finds, which though appreciative of them at the time, she later saw them as bribes. Lara ended up resenting her father and dismissing his theories as fantasy, much like the rest of the professional archaeological community. However after witnessing evidence of an immortal soul , Lara gathered his unfinished research in order to finish it, and finally come to peace with her father's memory.

Richard Croft was born into the wealthy Croft family; as he held the title of "Lord", his father was either a Duke or Marquess [3]. He studied archaeology at Oxford University, travelling extensively to further his research, eventually earning his Ph. D and publishing several books. He was quite successful but his theories often attracted ridicule from detractors. While researching at the library, he met Amelia de Mornay , he was enthralled by her quick wit and Amelia was betrothed to the Earl of Farringdon, though she had no interest in pursuing the relationship, breaking it off to be with Richard.

When he met Amelia's parents and brother, Atlas , they treated him with thinly veiled contempt, though Richard took their dislike calmly for the sake of Amelia. The two were later married, with the marriage resulting in the birth of a daughter, Lara. Croft was overjoyed after the birth of his daughter, as it is implied her birth was difficult. He returned home to celebrate making himself steak and drinking whiskey, before falling asleep with the cat.

At some point, Richard met Conrad Roth, a freelance treasure hunter. Croft was impressed by Roth's skill, and his willingness to bend certain laws for the purposes of his work, Croft then befriended and hired Roth, as a guide and bodyguard. Roth attempted to teach Croft to shoot, however these lessons were abandoned after Croft showed no progress.

Over the next several years, Croft saw great success in his career, publishing several books. However tragedy struck the Croft family as his beloved wife's plane crashed in Tibet. He ventured out with the assistance of Roth. Croft found the crash site, and with it, Amelia's body, with her were several hand written letters from her, to him and Lara.

Croft was devastated by the loss of his wife, and began researching rituals for resurrection. Roth begged him not to go through with it fearing how Croft might act if it didn't work, however he didn't listen and performed the ritual to no avail. He felt a strange sense of ease having laid her to rest. Croft never announced that he found her body to anyone, so she was presumed missing. This led to Atlas becoming even more resentful of his brother-in-law. After losing Amelia, Richard began to search for the key to eternal life.

He traveled to Mexico to further his research. In need of a guide, he was pointed to Leticia Cortez. Who supposedly knew the area better than anyone. He found her with others protesting the draining of the wetlands. Croft paid for the draining to be ceased. He asked for her assistance, which she gladly offered in return for his help. Croft told Leticia all about his work, and his daughter back home. They had a brief romantic relationship, which ended when he returned home.

He met a young woman named Ana at a conference on archaeology and anthropology. However, Guth is probably less interested in such overarching conclusions than in the destructive collision of public ambition and private life. Jephtha is a figure from the Old Testament, an illegitimate son of a prominent father and a prostitute, who is exiled by his half-brothers. Invited to lead the Israelites against the Ammonites in battle, and longing for glory and status, Jephtha makes a vow to make a burnt offering of the first living thing that comes out of his door on his victorious return.

His only daughter is the first to greet him. Iphis is spared by taking a holy vow of chastity. Interpolated electronic sound effects, invoking metal slicing through air and crashing echoes, thicken the dark, savage atmosphere. In the pit, the marvellous Concerto Köln gave a performance honed to burnished perfection. Handel adept Ivor Bolton avoided excesses of tempo and volume and led a beautifully articulated performance, although his communication with the singers was not always clear.

With the Dutch National Opera Chorus in glorious form, the choral ensembles surged with concentrated intensity. Silvery of tone, soprano Ana Quintans was an excellent Angel in her one finely chiselled aria.

He has no choice but to ask Jephtha and his fierce, ragtag army for help. Boesch was directed to sing his arias as fits of impotent rage, trading in tonal beauty for dramatic bluster. Their penetrant voices blended gorgeously. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Painter and Printmaker Richard Croft was born in in London.

He is a founder member of Group 63 and the Octagon Gallery Belfast. His many one person shows include the Picolo Gallery in , the C. Arts Council Galleries during the s and 70s. His work has been in numerous group shows including the R. Now retired from teaching, Croft works from his own Print Workshop and Studio.