Using Our Data With AmiBroker

place to start is the AmiBroker Atc help (Copied below) and the 12/ and 04/ issue of AmiBroker tips newsletter on the AmiBroker Website. The 12/ newsletter was written before the .

We also have a completely new and different updating platform that provides a direct plug-in solution for AmiBroker and a superior data environment for back-testing in general. Assuming you have purchased historical data for US delisted, and already have the data installed, follow these steps: Tick by tick updating in amibroker. Why does setting max opened positions above 1 is making Portfolio Equity to remain unchanged?

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Using Our Data With AmiBroker Important news for AmiBroker users! The information below describes the solution we have for customers who wish to have

Such add-ons interfere with the normal operation of Internet Explorer which we use to display the status of the maintenance script. Microsoft have details on how to fix this here. How do I reorder the watchlists? Using Windows Explorer, navigate to "C: This must be done while AmiBroker is not running. You can move your preferred watchlists to the top of the list be sure to move the items and not copy them as the system cannot handle duplicate entries.

Alternatively, if you just want to reorder the watchlists alphabetically, just delete the index. The Dow Jones Industrial Average only shows a few days of data.

How can I see more? Prior to Amibroker v5. Due to the automated set of markets, groups, and watchlists, it is now very easy to specify in an Exploration a filter to limit your scan to a specific set of securities. How do I fix this? Firstly, make sure that Internet Explorer is installed in your machine and fully functional, even if you don't use it as your default browser. Otherwise, this error may be due to parts of the Windows Operating System not being properly installed or modified by a badly behaving program.

We have only seen this twice with Windows Vista users and we suspect it is due to a not-so-Vista-compatible piece of software interfering with the registry.

For bit Windows type: How do I access the watchlists in my AFL code? You can reference the watchlists by name. Your exploration will run approximately 8 times quicker. Prevent your virus scanner from performing real-time scanning of both AmiBroker Database and the actual data storage locations e. Since there are no executable programs in these folders, scanning them is superfluous. Your exploration will run approximately 2 times quicker. If you increase the In-memory cache size to max symbols that should cover growth in this area for a while.

The Max MegaBytes can also be increased. For example, if your scans only require the last year of trading history, try changing the number of bars to When you wish to perform backtesting, remember to increase this level. Use the a 64 bit operating system and the 64 bit version of AmiBroker. This requires you to have purchased or upgraded to the AmiBroker Professional Edition. Click the Configuration Tab.

Click the Save button. How can I transfer my AmiBroker database to a new computer? These steps cover the transfer of both the AmiBroker symbols database and the underlying MetaStock-format price database. The latter may be installed rather than copied across. Network your old machine and your new one, or use some external medium to handle the transfer large USB memory stick of GB or an external USB hard drive.

Back-up the entire "AmiBroker" folder to the external medium usually c: Back-up the entire "Trading Data" folder to the external medium usually c: Transfer the contents of the "AmiBroker" folder from the external medium to the "AmiBroker" folder on the new machine C: Transfer the "Trading Data" folder to the new machine c: Install the Premium Data updating application on the new machine get the program installer from the Downloads area of our website.

Configure the Premium Data updating application so that its recognizes the data history location open the application, click the Configuration tab and make sure that the entry for "Stocks Folder" reads - "c: Run an update with the updating application.

Run the Amibroker integration script which you can get from the Downloads area of our website. How do I backtest on delisted data? Assuming you have purchased historical data for US delisted, and already have the data installed, follow these steps: Then run your backtest against All securities no filter set After running a backtest I still have an open position in a delisted stock.

How can I get my backtest to exit this position? Sometimes when you are backtesting with data that includes delisted stocks, you end up with an open position that is never closed. Here is some code that should be added to your trading system to simulate exiting the position on the final bar: How can I remove them?

In AmiBroker there is an option under the View menu to "Pad non-trading days". The Amibroker custom backtester interface provides three levels of user customization, simply called high-level, mid-level, and low-level.

The high-level approach requires the least programming knowledge, and the low-level approach the most. To use your own custom backtest procedure, you first need to tell Amibroker that you will be doing so. There are a few ways of doing this:. And finally, before anything else can be done, a copy of the Backtester object is needed:. This AFL will add a metric in the trade log which will specify for each winning trade how far above or below the average winning profit it was as a percentage, and similarly for each losing trade, how far above or below the average loss it was as a percentage.

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