Shared or public computers may have been installed with tracking software that could monitor your Online Banking sessions. Enter any BDO checking or savings account as the destination account. This feature does not require internet connection. The Bank shall debit the periodic bills upon authentication and verification of the BDO Credit Card account provided by the Cardholder. You can enroll the following types of accounts as third party accounts for Funds Transfer transactions:

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If you do not have a saved template, click on "Proceed without a template". You will need to enter your remitter details as well as details for beneficiary bank. There is a transaction charge of 10 USD plus other fees that the beneficiary bank may require.

The cut-off time for this transaction is 12 noon. Send Money transactions performed on weekends and holidays will be processed the next banking day. Turn on the OTP Generator.

IAC is the access no. The required access no. Listed below are the IAC Nos Using the current security technologies and processes, BDO assures its clients of the confidentiality and privacy of their online banking sessions. Authentication - Authentication ensures that only authorized users can access the BDO Personal Online Banking system by verifying the identity of the user. This is enforced through the use of a User Name and Password.

A firewall is a combination of systems that enforces a boundary between the Internet and the bank's network, while blocking out all unwanted access. Encryption - Encryption converts data on the system to a format that is unreadable by anyone who does not have the proper authorization. Automatic Log-out - BDO Personal Online Banking automatically logs you out of the system if it detects no user activity for a fixed number of minutes.

This protects your accounts from being accessed by the next PC user, especially when using a public or shared computer. Password strength - an on-screen meter that indicates the strength of your nominated password.

Never disclose your password to anyone, even to someone claiming to be from BDO. Be responsible in keeping your password confidential. Keep your password safe. Your password authenticates you when you begin your internet banking session. You should memorize your password and avoid writing it down. Avoid using birthdates and other personal information easily associated with you. Change your password regularly. You can easily change your password when you begin your Online Banking session.

Remember to log out before you leave your computer. Logging out assures you that no one can access your accounts after you have finished your Online Banking session. This is very important when you are using a shared or public computer. Keep your operating system and browser software updated with patches for the latest security vulnerabilities.

Many viruses, trojans and spyware exploit the vulnerabilities of software to steal information. Use your browser's security features. Most browsers have security settings and options that protect the privacy of your accounts. Refer to your browser's help on how you can maximize your browser's security. Avoid using shared or public computers to access your accounts. Shared or public computers may have been installed with tracking software that could monitor your Online Banking sessions.

Beta-browsers are browsers still in the process of testing and may contain security vulnerabilities. We suggest the use of the browser's final release versions. Best viewed on Internet Explorer 9. Consult your organizations Internet security personnel for the correct settings and before changing these settings. BDO is using Java and Javascript to validate and process your request.

To unlock your Online Banking account, go to www. You will get immediate confirmation on your request. You can enroll the following types of accounts as third party accounts for Funds Transfer transactions: Log in Online Banking and select: Own account enrollments are activated within 2 hours.

To enroll a bill, select: If the Card is not renewed, BDO may demand the obligation in full. If your statement falls on weekend or a holiday, your statement date will be the preceeding working day or the first working day after your official statement date. You will get two separate billing statements. All your local transactions will be billed in Philippine Peso, while your international purchases will be billed in US Dollars.

For your dollar billing, you have the option to pay the exact amount in Dollar or ask for the exchange rate during payment when you want to pay in Peso. Payment should be made on or before the Payment Due Date indicated in your statement of account to keep your account active and to avoid late payment charges.

If your payment due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday, payment must be made on or before the last working day prior to the Payment Due Date. This is the minimum amount that must be paid on or before Payment Due Date. This is the sum of the following: In case of default, BDO may demand the obligation in full. If you choose to pay your Outstanding Balance in full on or before the Payment Due Date, no finance charge will be imposed. Hence, a finance charge based on the prevailing interest rate as set forth below, will be imposed on the unpaid balance stated in your previous Statement of account SOA and on all new transaction posted within the statement period, computed from the Post Date until the current Statement Date.

Your Credit Limit is the maximum outstanding balance that you and your Supplementary cardholders, if any, can maintain at any given time. Each principal Card has its own assigned Credit Limit.

Please keep your outstanding balance within your assigned Credit Limit. BDO reserves the right to approve or disapprove any purchase or advance that exceeds your Credit Limit.

Any amount in excess of the assigned Credit Limit becomes due for payment immediately. Finance charges will also accrue from the date of cash advance until the same is completely settled. For dollar transactions, a late charge of 4.

BDO-Initiated Fees may be charged to your account from time to time. This portion may include: Such fees may be revised from time to time. This refers to the date when your purchase, cash advance, payment, or adjustment is posted to your account.

Easy Pay Merchant Installment form part of the Minimum Payment amount indicated in the monthly billing statement. The monthly Installment due is computed as the base amount multiplied by the applicable factor rate of the chosen term the number of months within which the entire base amount must be paid.

The total installment is the base amount plus the interest due. The installment interest rate is determined by BDO and subject to change in accordance with the prevailing market rates for similar transactions and terms. In such an event, your card will be permanently block and a card replacement fee will be charged to your account, if applicable.

Please examine your SOA for any errors. The Cardholder agrees to pay P for each sales slip retrieved upon request of the cardholder, for whatever reason. The same Amount will be charged to the cardholder for each sales slip retrieved by BDO arising for an invalid dispute. In case of approval of the enrollment application, you will be notified accordingly.

The Bank shall have the absolute discretion to approve or reject your enrollment application with or without reason thereof and without the need of notification in case of rejection. Likewise, we may reject or cancel any Auto-Charge Authorization on grounds such as but not limited to:.

In such event, you shall not hold BDO liable for any penalty, inconvenience, delay, damage liability, loss or other consequences that may arise from such late payment including but not limited to, disconnection or interruption of services. The Bank shall debit the periodic bills upon authentication and verification of the BDO Credit Card account provided by the Cardholder.

BDO shall charge to the relevant BDO Credit Card account number the amount due as requested by the cardholder with the exclusion of other charges not included therein. We shall have the absolute discretion to reject or cancel any Charge on Demand Bills Payment Facility Request authorization on grounds such as, but not limited to:. The System Administrator shall ensure the correctness of details and subscriber numbers being enrolled for the company. The SysAd will also be responsible for assigning which User Groups will have access to the enrolled merchants.

To enroll additional merchants for bills payment, follow these steps: To choose Currency, click on the drop down menu and choose the currency Field. To choose Merchants, click on the drop down menu on the Merchant Field. How do I get started with Payroll? Maker Log on to https: Provided details will appear on the next page. You will receive a confirmation of the successful Payroll transaction for verification. Verifier Log on to https: You will be directed to the pending transaction request.

To review the transaction details, click the reference number. You will receive a confirmation of the successful Payroll transaction for authorization. Authorizer Log on to https: You will receive a confirmation of the successful Payroll transaction.

What happened to my Payroll Transaction? You may view the status of your Payroll transaction by following these steps: Click the Payroll Inquiry tab. Details of the transaction will be displayed including the status. Can I transfer money to another corporate account Third Party?