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The Association of On Line Forex Trading Agents, a group of On Line Foreign Currency trading brokers in Nigeria has started the initiation to restore lost confidence by engaging various government agencies to see to the regulation of the business.

You can also study the Forex and investment markets through our education program and at regular seminars for traders conducted by our specialists. Forex trading started in Nigeria around

Nigerian Naira and why Forex matters in Nigeria

The website will teach you about Forex trading online on the global currency market. Forex trading is speculative trading in currencies on a market and is much the same as trading stocks, commodities or options.

Anonymous, you had three issues with this post, 1. I made a point in my first comment that the article is poorly researched, lacking in facts and is misinforming the well meaning executives who read this blog. Basil, Bade, Kingsley, I advice you not to pay attention to the anonymous fellow is obvious that he his mischievous and and unlearned very unconisistent in all of his way, look at him explaining the process of getting regulation when he boldly claim that no meeting was called by the CBN and SEC with respect to regulation.

In the west, when a company or entity is criticised, they take it as constructive feedback to work on. You see really its time that justifies reality, well you could chose to accuse an innocent person who is perfect bystander over this issue or better yet confront the reality of your ineptitude. Bade, Basil, Bull FX. Why are you mentioning my name please? Wow, Basil did all these and still walking a free man? I await the drowning things and you have really opened my eyes to these stories.

I can see you are a good Orator. There are so many other thing Basil did, spill it out bro. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The step has been taken, which is the most important thing. It is imperative Forex is Regulated in Nigeria so support the movement.

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Kelvin, you obviously have an axe to grind with basil as evident in your vituperation. At best, you could have offered or tender your perspectives instead of the all-out attack approach you adopted. Hi my brother, thanks for your article. I am one of the early casualties of forex market foray into Nigeria. I want some personal development before I go in again. Useless Anonymous who has blown several managed accounts, held failed fx-expo,. AUFX — well, not sure about optimism as much as some people seeing short term opportunities.

The market is divided with those playing the long and short game. So after two years, where are you people and your useless meetings and expos now?

All of your companies and failed schemes has gone under. You are really really dumb Kelvin, it did not change the fact that the meeting ever happened, you need to grow up, age should come with maturity but you dont seem to have matured at all.

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What are the risks involved in Forex trading that you need to be aware of. Can average person start a Forex trading business with basic knowledge about money market and financial management? All these and more will be answered in no particular order in this article. Forex stands for Foreign Exchange so, Forex Trading simply means Foreign exchange trading or trading on foreign currency by its exchange rate. Since Forex trading involves the disparities in foreign exchange rates, making profit or loss in Forex trade is usually determined by the economic state of different countries at a time.

Since the economy of different countries is not static in relation to one another at any point in time, the Forex market is never fixed or stagnant at any point in time as well. It is a volatile market that is constantly changing and are never accurately predicted. This is where the profit or loss is made. If the currency goes up in your favor, you make profit, it it goes down against you, you make loss.

To understand the Forex market and be good at it, you have to avail yourself to serious training in Forex trading! You must acquire the technical knowledge required in Forex trading. You must have enough time and willingness to study this ever changing price market over a period of time and be up to date with the local and foreign news as global trends have a tendency to determine the direction the prices of the currency goes, either up or down. To assist you in the learning process, it is important to use a demo account for practice.

Almost all the Forex trading platforms have demo accounts were you can practice Forex trading in what looks like real time trading. The demo accounts are loaded with virtual money and in real time mode. The only difference is that you neither make profit nor loss in demo trading. You need to continue to practice with the Forex demo account until you become very proficient.

You must be good with the virtual trade before you ever attempt with real money because once you are up with the real money, there is no going back, its either profit or loss. From then, it becomes investment that must be handled very seriously. Your investment in Forex trading is not something you joke with, you need to be up to date with knowledge and information.

You must be into it and do research regularly. Before you proceed to open an account with any Forex Broker, you must understand that not all Forex Brokers are genuine. Make a thorough research before settling with any trading platform with real time investment. I will advice you use the big and established Forex trading platforms only. Go to the website of your desired Forex Brokers and open account.

Forex Broker or the Forex trading platforms is the medium through which currency is traded online. Before you start live Forex trade, you must fund your account.

This is very important for effective transaction and to enable you make a withdrawal of your profit when there is any. Some use other currency medium like the eCurrencies but at the end, it will still get to Domiciliary accounts. The Dom account is used for cashing or depositing funds into your Forex trading account. You need a very fast and reliable internet connection to be able to trade Forex in Nigeria or elsewhere. Without this, it will be difficult for you to make profit because your internet has to be fast and reliable to enable you take quick actions.

Do not make the mistake of using a wacky laptop for Forex trading. Most times, the losses people make is as a result of inefficient trading devices. The profit you make depends on your trading skills.

Yes, people are still making profit in Forex trading in Nigeria and will continue to make profit as long as currency remain in use. In fact, nothing has changed and will probably change forever. Start a Forex Trade with little capital is never a good idea. You need to invest something substantial to make reasonable profit. A serious trader trades with thousands of dollars. I have seen people make hundreds of thousands of dollars with Forex trade and you too can.

The visual money you talk about is it an app or a cd-like software which I can buy? I am a professional forex trader with eight years experience. I have worked with many trading firms in Nigeria before relocating to UK last year while i became my own boss making money in my house. You can check me on Linkedin and contact me on Skype with the same ID. Just get in torch with me and let me be of help to you as well. Would be glad if you would be off assistance..

Hiya Israel, Nice post you have here. I am interested in going into forex trading and i will need your coaching pls. I had gone to view some of your posts on facebook and they were so powerful.

I had equally sent a friend request too on facebook. I have been in Uk sometimes in and i am now back in Nigeria. Thank u very much sir in favourable anticipations…… David.

Thank you for the information. I am interested in investing in forex but I have zero knowledge. I will be glad to learn from you. Those are my main occupations. Feel free to mail me via for trading guidelines.

I would love to learn sir.. I read about you on the internet wherein you offered to coach people on forex trading. Although I have heard so much about Forex, just reading about it for the first time. Thank so much for this introductory insight, would like to know more about it. Thanks for taking time to explain the fundamental requirements for Forex trading.

After a long time I am with you. Profits are still coming or not? It is really not easy to find real and reliable account manager, sadly many have believed every posts they see is not real. But with Mr John Hart, a sincere expert, you have nothing to be worried about. So feel free to inbox me here for more info or contact my mentor and helper Mr John Hart via. You mention plenty of time along strong desire to learn. I want to learn more.

Please, Is there MLM or network marketing involved? Hi, nice one you have here, am interested in your training. When is the next training coming up? Thank you for the information sir, I would like to commence my own trading forex your guidance is seriously needed please. My name is Momo i live in Nigeria I am interested in going into forex trading and i will need your coaching pls.

Which site is best for me to open. How can i open a demo account to enable me to practice? How can i also create the main account for the forest trade? My name is kasim and am a Nigerian and am interested in learning how forex trading business works….. Hello, I am very interested in learning, how do I learn and start trading without using hosting platforms that also have multi level marketing.