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Sep 13,  · Terry shares how he plots the shark pattern, which is created by Scott Carney and an awesome pattern which make help traders profit off the markets.

Enabled money management, 0. I think execution time and slippage are the real problems for shark 7. I consider it to be an advantage, as it decreases slippage greatly. Past results are not indicative of future returns. However, due to numerous requests from my followers, I have decided to start posting in here more often now.


Results and performance of Shark 7 EA Demo. Discuss, review, analyze and learn about Shark 7 EA Demo.

If support doesnt break, forget this scenario. Silver has been oversold for some time now. There is a nice bullish shark setting up. Also, take note of the divergence between price and RSI.

This is all dependent on the USD of course, but we could be looking at a bounce up from here. Good opportunity to get in at the 45 degree trend line with a short stop. Ride the trend line down adjusting stops to just above the trend line. Two recognisable patterns in one Remember ihs first valid when break of neckline. If the ihs pans out we could see a dollar move higher - challenging the upper resistens line First we have to see these 2 patterns play out.

Entry TP Fib Bearish Shark forms up, for this only 1 entry possibility. Let's see how the trade form up or it is just a bearish channel. But I guess you would not worry about this sum once you are a millionaire!

The chart of trading shows no extended periods of drawdown and exhibits a very steady growth line. In contrast to backtests, the trade contract size is lower — it varies between 0. There are no series of losses, which leads me to believe that the developers really know how to make an adaptive robot. In scalping terms, this robot is a wonder of evolution — it trades, grows your profits, and adapts to trading environments so that it can perform better! The single problem for this robot is a bandit broker — it can simply shoot this shark down with slippage and spreads!

But with a careful choice procedure, you can easily avoid this trouble. I am personally excited about this EA — in fact, I'm going to buy a hat like a shark's fin! Drawdown - A trader's biggest loss for a certain period of time, expressed either in pips or as a percentage of the trader's profit. The lower the drawdown percentage, the less riskier the trading strategy. May 17, I attached Shark 7.

Adding GBPUSD as a second currency pair was a good idea, but playing with settings and disabling the volume and the spread filters turned out to be a very bad idea. Anyway, as it was me who outsmarted the system by disabling the volume and spread filter, I can only blame myself. Actually, the vendor told me not to disable them. After I switched the inputs back, Shark 7.

Test started with fixed lots 09 May Enabled money management, 0. Enabled volume and spread filter Test period: Graph shows results before commission. Though I know how to use a PC, I am not well trained with excel. Verified stats with custom start date - show trades executed with correct settings only. That was my opinion before I started testing it on my live account.

While I didn't figure out what activates its trade logic, I believe I understood in details what it does when the logic is active. For better understanding, I made a couple of screenshots. Price moved up, and the expert placed a pending sell order very close to the actual market price. It placed a pending buy order just one fractional pip above the SL of the active sell order and modified the order to keep the distance of one fractional pip to the SL of the sell order.

It kept modifying the pending buy order until the SL of the active sell order was below the entry price. After that happened, the pending buy order was deleted. What I didn't find out: What activates the logic First, I thought of Bollinger bands, WP or candle height, but it's definitely something different.

On some candles, the logic becomes active after 10 pips, on other after 30 pips. How it trails active orders This is another thing that really confuses me. It trails orders dynamically and in both directions. The trade was 10 pips in profit, and the trailing stop was two pips away from the actual market price; the price went down another three pips, but instant of keeping the distance to the market price, it changed the trailing stop from two pips to five pips and a few ticks later to four pips.

First, I thought it was a bug but the vendor says it's not. As it places orders only when the market moves quickly, there is a great probability given that either a sell or a buy order will close in profit.

I consider it to be an advantage, as it decreases slippage greatly. Other parameters are not accessible by the user and can't be changed. To my mind that's a bad thing for experienced traders as they don't have much "space" to maneuver with their settings.

Who knows, maybe they change that after seeing this post. That's not a big deal for experienced traders but clearly, a disadvantage for newbies.

Spike scalpers have large profit potential, but show weakness in case the price doesn't reverse enough. However, as mentioned at the beginning of the review, Shark 7.