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Both involve a deep love for the great outdoors, regardless of whether he's casting a fly rod or wielding a transit level.

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Getting to that ore, however, would take another sixteen years. The company engaged in thorough environmental impact assessments — an ongoing practice it continues to place tremendous focus on in all it does every single day.

The Thompson Creek molybdenum deposit occurs in a complex environment near a break between two geologic provinces, which is to say that essentially, fault lines within the earth here conspired to stir up conditions that made for the perfect recipe of an ore that would eventually become molybdenum.

From the first shovel of rock, Thompson Creek was developed within a comprehensive framework of state and federal regulations. The mine pioneered the Interagency Task Force, a successful model for cooperative oversight by state and federal regulatory agencies.

Our Plan of Operation covers ongoing mining, waste rock disposal, ore processing, tailings disposal, and eventually closure of the facility and final reclamations, projected for Today, Thompson Creek has an enviable record of excellence in the areas of reclamation, environmental protection and stewardship, and has been recognized by the many organizations.

But our love for the streams we fish, for the hills we hike and for the air we breathe — for those things that we hand down to our kids and grandkids — dictates why our environmental stewardship and innovative reclamation practices are the envy of the industry.

With all the commotion that takes place, we manage to maintain a tremendous safety record — in fact, when it comes to safety, we are a bit extreme. At the same time, we strive to minimize our imprint on the world around us.

But never much more than a cup of coffee away in any direction is one of those places that can be as quiet as quiet can be. Bert Doughty has fought long and passionately on behalf of the environment. Don Rowles took the roundabout tour of the west before boomeranging back to his native Idaho in If it ever came down to one person at Thompson Creek who would take the torch on behalf of safety, it might well be Greg Hurless. Like so many at Thompson Creek Mine, Wayne Simpson — after furthering his skills in engineering, environmental sciences and management with other mining operations — has found life in Challis much to his liking.

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