10 Money Changer Paling Popular Di Kuala Lumpur

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Finding the best rate currency exchange in town, in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and major cities around the world.

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You can try there. I do not know of money changer that exchanges Turkmenistan Manat in KL. Perhaps you can try your luck to call a few money changers listed here to ask if they are willing to accept it. Money changers in KL usually don't accept coins. Anyway, you can call them to double check with them.

Hello, Normally coin are not accepted for exchange. You can call them to confirm. Anyone know where could I change Deutsche mark to ringit Malaysia? Could I know which money changer in malayisa still accept deutsche mark? I think no but you can try to check with the money changer or call them. I have 4, ringgit hope can exchange it to dollars I will go down in mid Valley anytime this week. Saya mau tukar manat kepada ringgit malaysia May i know where can change ghana cedi money to malaysia ringgit??

I have thousand russian money how can i change malaysian ringgit. If you want to Money exchange in chennai. I have russian ruble. Where can exhange in kl or selangor? Anyone interested to mail me please. Hi, please reply me at slimdb07 gmail. Hi all, has anyone here tried this service? You have to order your currency 3 days in advance though: TIPS No need to exchange so much cash.

Many locals and tourists like to exchange foreign currency in Mid Valley Megamall not only for the best exchange rates in KL offered by the money changers here, but also for its safe environment. Mid Valley has the best exchange rates in town, which make it the favourite for local to exchange money here.