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Moderne Anwendungen im SAP Umfeld nutzen immer häufiger Web-Technologien. In diesem Vortrag betrachte ich nach einer Einführung in die Testautomatisierung die beiden Werkzeuge CBTA und Selenium.

We take our time to make solutions successful.


About Thyssen'sche Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. THG is a percent family owned portfolio company and a highly renowned investor with its roots in the Julius Thyssen family. The company is located in Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Today, green aspects are important buying arguments, too. RamBase is a totally integrated ERP-system delivered in the cloud. Thanks to ist total integration, RamBase is ideal for companies which require stringent control of their processes, for example distribution enterprises or production companies for whom traceability is important. RamBase provides you with smooth control of every single order and allows you to check the delivery status of each individual item in an order and quickly make changes where necessary.

Last but not least, Hatteland is well-known for its individual IT solutions. Drawing on over 16 years of experience in delivering cloud services, the company develops efficient solutions which are tailormade to the needs and requirements of its clients. At present AutoStore is sold to 21 countries worldwide. In order to enhance its international contact network and to showcase its latest innovations, Hatteland regularly exhibits at international trade fairs such as the Cemat in Hanover and Shanghai, the Modex in Atlanta, and others.

The roots of the business date back to the s when Jakob Hatteland, the current owner, set up a small component distributor. In , the first AutoStore prototype was launched. The first external installation of AutoStore was accomplished in In , Jakob Hatteland sold the component business to focus on the development of new technologies.

In the course of the restructuring process, he made major investments to promote AutoStore and RamBase. In , AutoStore entered the export market; RamBase had already been available internationally for 20 years. In addition to its head office in Nedre Vats, Hatteland operates a factory in Poland. Lier explains the success of the company. For example, at present, cooling and freezing is an important research area.

Apart from our innovative strength, our owner is an entrepreneur at heart. He had the courage to sell businesses in order to release capital for investment in promising future technologies. The Hatteland Group has always followed a long-term strategy, too.

We take our time to make solutions successful. Lier is positive about the future. Innovation is in our DNA, and we have always worked on new and better solutions. Our mission is to make business easier for our clients with our IT solutions. We will stay true to this mission in the future too, as it has made us what we are today. At present, we have around AutoStore installations worldwide.

This year, we have already sold 30 new installations. You can take your prototype to market and get immediate customer feedback, saving you time and money during product testing and validation, enabling speed to market.

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