How To Trade with The MACD Indicator

Markus Heitkoetter. STRATEGIES Author, Educator, Trader, and CEO. Rockwell Trading Services, LLC. Known for being able to teach anyone to trade in 60 minutes or less, Markus Heitkotter has taught over , traders worldwide, has appeared on CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC and is the author of the bestselling book The Complete Guide to Day .

Ernie, finde ich, dass profitable Momentum Trading-Strategien für. The Case of Coffee. Es ist kostenlos und einfach, und wir werden nie weiterverkaufen Ihre privaten Informationen.

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Markus Heitkoetter has worked with many traders at reaching their financial goals. In fact many traders suffer from something called analysis paralysis, even experienced traders. It prevents them from making good trades.

Can most people make split second decisions when there is an opportunity in the market? The Simple Strategy is based on 2 popular indicators: Markus Heitkoetter began his career by placing his first trade in From there he started trading stocks by creating simple point and figure charts using data that he would find in the newspaper.

Even while working for IBM in Munich, Germany he was trading in his spare time and testing out a variety of strategies. After tiring of the corporate world, he quit his job in and began trading full time. He has traded almost everything from stocks and bonds, to options, futures and commodities.

He eventually relocated to Austin, Texas, where he settled with his wife and children. After having much success, his friends wanted to learn what he was doing. He was encouraged by his best friend and his brother to begin sharing his trading ideas on a website for other day traders to access and view.

The website soon gave way to a company, Rockwell Trading, which was named after the Rockwell Center in Manila in the Philippines. In January of , the website went live and included his complete notes on how to be a successful trader. He moved to the United States in and launched Rockwell Trading in I traveled across Europe and the Middle East, IBM allowed me to fly business class and rent fancy cars…I was enjoying life in the fast lane and thought I went from here straight into a comfortable retirement.

But with its long hours and grueling scheduling, corporate life began taking a toll; it left almost no time for a social life. After the Internet bubble burst, he saw the handwriting on the wall: IBM began cutting thousands of jobs, and he figured it was only a matter of time before one of those jobs was his. Best to be proactive. By then he had developed some effective trading strategies of his own, and they became the basis for Rockwell Trading. The company that Markus Heitkoetter launched in January of recently marked its tenth anniversary.

By then he had been trading for more than ten years, at first following methods he learned by reading and attending seminars, and later by developing trading systems of his own. As you browse our website, you will notice that many great resources are available for free. We do have courses and DVDs for sale, but you don't have to break the bank to get your hand on these courses. When investing in Rockwell Trading's products, you will get high quality education that can hep you to achieve your trading goals.

Check out our credentials:. Rockwell Trading's founder Markus Heitkoetter often gets the question: Rockwell Trading wasn't founded by design. Rockwell Trading was founded by accident! Shortly after moving to the USA and living the life of a trader, friends and neighbors asked Markus what he does for a living, and he responds "I am a trader.

Markus believes in "show, don't tell", and he invites aspiring traders to his home office to show them exactly what he is doing. Friends tell friends, and more and more people want to stop by his house to see what he is doing.

Markus getting quite busy explaining what he is doing and teaching other people how to trade, and he starts missing trading opportunities!

So he decides to write everything down, and with the help of his best friend Tom and his brother Tobias he plans to set up a website and make all his notes available on this website. Markus realizes that "www. Nobody would be able to spell it. After brainstorming different names for the website, Markus' sister-in-law Anna suggests "Rockwell Trading. Anna is from the Philippines, and there's an upscale shopping mall in Manila called "Rockwell Center" see picture on the right.

Everybody likes the name, and since the website is available, Markus registers it. Markus started trading stocks 25 years ago, using point and figure charts from published numbers in the morning newspaper.