Forex Trading in India – Legal or Illegal – A Critical Analysis

Mar 02,  · its illegal to trade forex in india. the other way to trade fx from india is through a friend a relative or friend living in a foreign country where fx is legal but considering you are pro trader and you have invested more than 5 lacs and after trading for a year or tow you turn it to 10 lacs or more how will you get the money cash gifts .

Not like as you said,invest and forget. Jetzt hoffe ich, zu diesem Zeitpunkt müssen Sie verstanden haben, ist es legal oder illegal Und wenn es so noch wie kommen die Menschen aus Indien tun dies, Wie kommen ich Anrufe von verschiedenen Fx Trading-Unternehmen, um das Handelskonto zu eröffnen. Is forex trading illegal in india? So you end up losing, SO do take care , we can make money in our stocks and mcx if you are deciplined trader with a little fundamental,am sure Rajendran is doing ,all he can, for that. Jignesh-How you make sure to come back that money in India?

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Forex trading from India is illegal and there is no doubt about it but we want to do it legally from India and its legal way is you can be NRI and use the own account into that particular country where forex trading is legally allowed and can remit your profits into NRE account and can show the concern authority about your earnings and pay.

Mit allen Dokumenten, Bankauszüge, Kreditkartenabrechnungen, ausländischen Tour-Aufzeichnungen, itrs und was nicht ich war dort für 7 Stunden die Beantwortung von Fragen. Es schafft ein Element des Zweifels in den Köpfen der potenziellen Investoren und auch junge Unternehmer, die Schritt und in diesem Markt verdienen wollen. Achte auf meine Worte, wenn du einem richtigen Kanal folgst. Es gibt keine Beschränkung für die Häufigkeit des Austausches in einem Geschäftsjahr.

Wichtige Nachricht für Kunden: Die Verwendung von Kreditkarten, Debitkarten, Devisenkarten oder Bankkonten ist zu diesem Zweck weder direkt noch indirekt zulässig. So eine Sache, die klar ist, dass Forex-Handel von Einzelpersonen in Indien ist nicht zulässig, durch indische Regierung. Allerdings kann der Betrag von USD 2. Sie müssen es legal machen. Das obige Diagramm zeigt beispielhaftes Diagramm für den Mai Forex Trading In India.

You should think twice before investing your hard earned money. There is equal risk in forex trading as other investment instrument has. They have to suffer loses. These are the people who began to think that forex trading is a scam due to losses.

They have to make effort in right direction to understand the market. Now, it is clear that forex trading does not provide sure return. You have to make some efforts like other business. Today, you can see large number of online website that claim forex trading with approved RBI registration. You should beware of such kind of websites.

According to RBI circular no. It mean transfer money to a forex trading account with a broker who live abroad is violation of FEMA, Now, the question arises why it is illegal? As per the rbi guidelines indian citizen cannot send directly or indirectly fund to outside india for margin trading purpose. In order to compensate the losses rbi will purchased more dollar from the market by selling inr in cheap rates.

Thus, leads to devaluation of our inr. Rbi also noticed that there are many companies in india who advertised through electronic and internet portals offering trading or investing in foreign exchange with guaranteed high returns. There are also many agents in india who worked for these companies and collect payments from them so as to transfer their funds outside india through illegal route and also offer their clients lucrative returns.

Also exporters in india can do forex trading but for hedging purpose as their profits mainly depend on currency movement. You can trade in forex currency which is denominated in inr means which is paired with inr. Let us see the rules and regulation of derivative.

The framework of doing trading in forex derivative is set by sebi and rbi. The legal guidelines is proved by Foreign Exchange Management Act. Below are the rules and legal route of trading forex derivative in india. Forex trading has high return in comparison of other investment instrument in the world. That is why mostly people attract towards it. Beginner try to achieve maximum returns. They think that they will become rich overnight in dealing with forex trading.

There is much confusion about legality of Forex Trading in India. But when the above referred big companies have started Forex Trading in India. Does RBI cannot see what is going on? Do anybody have any answer about this confusion? What is the conclusion, one suppose to have? Is it legal or illegal?: In Plain simple words its still illegal!!! People may find shortcuts to trade but all will be at best 'semi-legal' i.

I beg to differ. Hope this throw some light on what is legal and what is illegal. The two currencies which are the subject of a single FX trade are referred to as a currency pair.

Each currency is referred to for the purposes of FX trading by a three-letter code. The first currency in a currency pair is called the 'base currency'. The second currency in a currency pair is called the 'quote' or' term currency'. The exchange rate quoted for the purposes of FX trading is how much of the quote currency you need to sell in order to buy one unit of the base currency.