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On occasion, they slipped up and dated trades as taking place on weekends and federal holidays, though this was never caught. Over the years, Madoff admonished his investors to keep quiet about their relationship with him. This was because he was well aware of the finite limits that existed for a legitimate split-strike conversion. He knew that if the amount he "managed" became known, investors would question whether he could trade on the scale he claimed without the market reacting to his activity, or whether there were enough options to hedge his stock purchases.

Madoff admitted during his March guilty plea that the essence of his scheme was to deposit client money into a Chase account, rather than invest it and generate steady returns as clients had believed. When clients wanted their money, "I used the money in the Chase Manhattan bank account that belonged to them or other clients to pay the requested funds," he told the court.

Madoff maintained that he began his fraud in the early s, prosecutors believed it was underway as early as the s. DiPascali, for instance, told prosecutors that he knew the investment advisory business was a sham at some point in the late s or early s.

Reportedly, Madoff told an acquaintance soon after his arrest that the fraud began "almost immediately" after his firm opened his doors. Bongiorno, who spent over 40 years with Madoff, told investigators that she was doing "the same things she was doing in " that she did when she first joined the firm. Madoff targeted wealthy American Jewish communities, using his in-group status to obtain investments from Jewish individuals and institutions. Jewish federations and hospitals lost millions of dollars, forcing some organizations to close.

The Lappin Foundation , for instance, was forced to close temporarily because it had invested its funds with Madoff. About half of Madoff's investors were "net winners," earning more than their investment. The withdrawal amounts in the final six years were subject to "clawback" return of money lawsuits.

The Internal Revenue Service ruled that investors' capital losses in this and other fraudulent investment schemes will be treated as business losses, thereby allowing the victims to claim them as net operating losses to reduce tax liability more easily. One method calculates losses as the total amount that victims thought they were owed, but will never receive. The smaller estimates use a different method, subtracting the total cash received from the scheme from the total cash paid into the scheme, after excluding from the calculation persons accused of collaborating with the scheme, persons who invested through "feeder funds," and anyone who received more cash from the scheme than they paid in.

Wilpon and Katz "categorically reject[ed]" the charge that they "ignored warning signs" about Madoff's fraud. On November 9, , the U. On March 12, , Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies, including securities fraud , wire fraud , mail fraud , money laundering , making false statements , perjury , theft from an employee benefit plan, and making false filings with the SEC. Madoff insisted he was solely responsible for the fraud. Rather, he pleaded guilty to all charges. It has been speculated that Madoff pleaded guilty instead of cooperating with the authorities in order to avoid naming any associates and co-conspirators who were involved with him in the scheme.

In November , David G. Friehling , Madoff's accounting front man and auditor, pleaded guilty to securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, making false filings to the SEC, and obstructing the IRS. He admitted to merely rubber-stamping Madoff's filings rather than auditing them. Although he could have been sentenced to more than years in prison, because of his cooperation, Friehling was sentenced in May to one year of home detention and one year of supervised release.

Madoff's right-hand man and financial chief, Frank DiPascali , pleaded guilty to 10 federal charges in and like Friehling testified for the government at the trial of five former colleagues, all of whom were convicted. DiPascali faced a sentence of up to years, but he died of lung cancer in May , before he could be sentenced.

In his plea allocution , Madoff stated he began his Ponzi scheme in He admitted he had never made any legitimate investments with his clients' money during this time. Instead, he said, he simply deposited the money into his personal business account at Chase Manhattan Bank. When his customers asked for withdrawals, he paid them out of the Chase account — a classic "robbing Peter to pay Paul" scenario.

He admitted to false trading activities masked by foreign transfers and false SEC filings. He stated that he always intended to resume legitimate trading activity, but it proved "difficult, and ultimately impossible" to reconcile his client accounts.

In the end, Madoff said, he realized that his scam would eventually be exposed. On June 29, , Judge Chin sentenced Madoff to the maximum sentence of years in federal prison. I have left a legacy of shame, as some of my victims have pointed out, to my family and my grandchildren.

This is something I will live in for the rest of my life. He added, "I know that doesn't help you," after his victims recommended to the judge that he receive a life sentence. Judge Chin had not received any mitigating factor letters from friends or family testifying to Madoff's good deeds. Judge Chin also said that Madoff had not been forthcoming about his crimes.

Madoff has not done all that he could do or told all that he knows," said Chin, calling the fraud "extraordinarily evil", "unprecedented", and "staggering", and that the sentence would deter others from committing similar frauds. Ruth did not attend court but issued a statement, saying "I am breaking my silence now because my reluctance to speak has been interpreted as indifference or lack of sympathy for the victims of my husband Bernie's crime, which is exactly the opposite of the truth.

I am embarrassed and ashamed. Like everyone else, I feel betrayed and confused. The man who committed this horrible fraud is not the man whom I have known for all these years.

The judge, however, only recommended that Madoff be sent to a facility in the Northeast United States. Madoff's projected release date is November 14, A former inmate later claimed that the injuries were received during an alleged altercation with another inmate. Other news reports described Madoff's injuries as more serious and including "facial fractures, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung". In his letter to his daughter-in-law, Madoff said that he was being treated in prison like a " Mafia don ".

They call me either Uncle Bernie or Mr. I can't walk anywhere without someone shouting their greetings and encouragement, to keep my spirit up. It's really quite sweet, how concerned everyone is about my well being, including the staff […] It's much safer here than walking the streets of New York.

After an inmate slapped Madoff because he had changed the channel on the TV, it was reported that Madoff befriended Carmine Persico , boss of the Colombo crime family since , one of New York's five American Mafia families. The two eventually began dating. Ruth graduated from high school in , and earned her bachelor's degree at Queens College.

Mark March 11, — December 11, , [] a graduate of the University of Michigan , and Andrew April 8, — September 3, , [] [] a graduate of University of Pennsylvania 's Wharton Business School. Several family members worked for Madoff. His younger brother, Peter, [] an attorney, was Senior Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer, and Peter's daughter, Shana Madoff , also an attorney, was the firm's compliance attorney. On the morning of December 11, — exactly two years after Bernard's arrest — his son Mark was found dead in his New York City apartment.

The city medical examiner ruled the cause of death as suicide by hanging. Over the years, Madoff's sons had borrowed money from their parents, to purchase homes and other property. There were two loans in from Bernard Madoff to Andrew: Following a divorce from his first wife in , Mark withdrew money from an account.

Both sons used outside investment firms to run their own private philanthropic foundations. He was named chairman of the Lymphoma Research Foundation in January , but resigned shortly after his father's arrest.

Peter Madoff and Andrew Madoff, before his death remained the targets of a tax fraud investigation by federal prosecutors, according to The Wall Street Journal. David Friehling , Bernard Madoff's tax accountant, who pleaded guilty in a related case, is reportedly assisting in the investigation. Bernard Madoff lived in Roslyn, New York , in a ranch house through the s.

After , he owned an ocean-front residence in Montauk. Marshals Service in September Sheryl Weinstein, former chief financial officer of Hadassah , disclosed in a memoir that she and Madoff had had an affair more than 20 years earlier. At the victim impact sentencing hearing, Weinstein testified, calling him a "beast". During a interview on CBS , Ruth Madoff claimed she and her husband had attempted suicide after his fraud was exposed, both taking "a bunch of pills" in a suicide pact on Christmas Eve He admitted having helped Madoff create a phony paper trail, the false account statements that were supplied to clients.

Madoff was a prominent philanthropist , [17] [] who served on boards of nonprofit institutions , many of which entrusted his firm with their endowments. The systemic problems exposed in the Madoff prosecution have not improved remedies for fraud victims. Indeed, since the exposure, it has become far harder for a fraud victim to prevail. In , the Supreme Court required a plaintiff to establish his claim before any disclosure is required by the defendant.

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